Welcome to YACRO Respite DayCamp 2021!!!

We have a great summer planned for all the kids which includes lots of activities, lots of adventures, new friendships and new experiences.

Our first week at camp was spent experiencing 3 different playgrounds, swimming at Lake Milo, walking some trails, and learning basic cooking skills.

We also include free play at The HUB so the kids have the options of choosing their own activities such as playing with legos, playing with the plasma cars, doing different crafts, science experiments, playing in the backyard, bouncy castles, and much more.

Our second week at camp was a water week!!! We enjoyed splashing and swimming at Ellenwood Park and Lake Milo. We also spent 1 whole day jumping and swimming in the huge waves at Port Maitland beach and playing in the sand.

Our first road trip adventure was at the Meteghan Playground, the smiles on the kids faces that day was priceless:)

Stay tuned for what week three will bring!!!