One fun week at March Break Camp 2023!

March Break was a week full of fun! 

We got to play, learn, and explore through various activities including going to the park, trail walks, checking out some planes at the airport, visiting animals at the farm, checking out all the cool displays at the museum, and learning some cooking skills. We also had so much fun hanging out at the Hub, building forts, making crafts, dancing & singing, and of course, everyone’s favourite, plasma cars! 

A big THANK YOU goes out to a few who made some of these activities possible: John from Yarmouth County Museum and Archives, Dave from the Yarmouth Airport, Gina from the Chebogue Farm, and Stephanie from Atlantic Superstore.

Also want to send a thank you out to our amazing staff who joined in on the fun; Monica, Crystal, Brooke, Cate, Mackenzie, Brett, Neil and Chris! You rock!

Finally, thank you to all our wonderful participants who attended. We hope you had a blast and we look forward to seeing all the smiling faces again in the summer. 😊