Nature Week

We had a fun filled week with swimming at Ellenwood and a provide lunch, Kraft Dinner and Hotdogs!

We then had an amazing time at the Art Gallery in Yarmouth creating some very cool art work. We also went to the Villa St. Joseph Kids Carnival.

We ended off the fun week going to the Inner Oaks Holistic Approach where we were met by proprietor Laura Muise. Laura hosted this wonderful guided experience of nature, herbs and, of course, her delicious homemade cuisine.
"It was a very different experience for me, I felt privileged and honoured to be part of it, and I’m a better person because of the experience." said Laura Muise speaking of her own experience.

Huge thanks to Laura and to everyone who was part of this special Nature Week. It’s been so much fun making new friends and memories. 🙂