March Break Day Camp 2024

What a fun filled week we had!

We enjoyed many activities at the Hub because of some snowy, wet, and March-like weather. We did get lucky with one beautiful day spent in nature at Ellenwood Park.

Other outings we enjoyed were bowling, skating, and swimming at Mariner's on Main. While skating at the rink some of the players from The Mariners were happy to share the ice with campers during their practice.

Thanks to our friends at ReachAbility, we were gifted a variety of instruments that campers got the opportunity to play and explore. Big hits were the piano, ukuleles and tambourines. Along with the regular favorites of the bouncy castle and plasma cars, campers enjoyed other activities including tent & parachute forts, trampoline, reading books, baking cookies, and Easter themed sensory play.

It is always a pleasure to welcome back returning campers and new campers alike.

We can't wait until Summer begins to see everyone again! 🙂