Happily Ever After!!

    Our goal this summer was for all the campers to have the opportunity to gain the skills needed to build new relationships and also to give them the experiences they needed to gain independence. All the Campers have exceeded these goals and much more, we are all super proud of each and every one of our Campers that attended Respite Daycamp.

   Our last two weeks of Camp were spent enjoying each other’s company while still maintaining our fun streak!! We had quite a few super hot days so we ventured out to our favorite swimming holes a couple times a week.  Who doesn’t love swimming at Ellenwood Park, Lake Milo or Port Maitland Beach?? The lifeguards all knew us by name so you know we spent a bit of time at those spots:)

    Each camper has mastered a new skill while at Camp. By spending time at the Hub, some campers are now pros at rollerblading, Rip Stick experts (skateboard), plasma car olympians, bouncy castle jumpers, perfect frisbee tossers, and some have even mastered the art of the WII video games. We loved watching them practice these skills independently on a daily basis.  

  We took a small trip to the Yarmouth Fire Department. The firemen took all the fire trucks outside so the campers could take a look at each truck. The firemen explained to all the campers how the trucks work in an emergency and what the firemen must do during those situations. The campers were allowed to go in the trucks and check things out for themselves and they may have pressed a button or two!! 

   Our backyard at the Hub was well used during the last couple weeks of Camp. The campers took many dips in our Olympic sized pool and used our hose as a big sprinkler. Everyone enjoyed the backyard water days during the heat waves. We ended our Summer with a pizza and cake party at Ellenwood Park, it was a great last day of camp.

  This has been one of the best summers for gaining new experiences, new friendships and loads of fun. Our positive vibes held high during the summer of 2021 and therefore ended

Happily Ever After. Until next time my friends:)