Creativity and Education with a Twist!!!

It is important to give children creative learning opportunities without the pressure of learning!! We have incorporated learning in a super fun way the last couple of weeks by exploring new surroundings and having guest speakers come in to discuss amazing topics!!!

Week 5 we had the pleasure of having Constable Bowie and his partner as our guest at the Hub. The campers explored every part of the RCMP cruisers, had all kinds of questions for them, and had a blast with the small gifts they received from the RCMP’s. 

  We visited Sweeney Fisheries Museum and the campers were given small treasure hunts to teach them about the historic objects that were once used in Yarmouth’s fishing industry. We also took a trip to the Library to let the campers read books, they used their creative minds and put together Acadien musical instrument kits given by the librarians, and some campers even signed up for the Summer Reading Program. To top off our week, we went on an adventure and found Fort Anne National Historic Site. Everyone had fun exploring the tunnels/bridges, rolling down the huge hills and walking the historic paths. 

  Week 6 the campers revisited the Firefighters Museum because they had enjoyed it so much the first time and asked to go again!! We had an artist come to the Hub to give us all some Henna Tattoos, the campers sported those tattoos for 3 days and made everyone aware of their art pieces!!:) At the end of our week 6,  we took a field trip to Liverpool and visited Concrete Creations.

Our imaginations ran wild with all the creativeness in the Sculpture Gardens, it was a great day!!!

Next week you can grab a seat and read all about our last Summer Day Camp adventures of the year OR join us on the fun:)